The Rules

Game rules, terms and conditions

1. This treasure hunt is a game of skill that began in April 2020 with the first publication of the clue booklet ‘The Golden Oyster.’  This clue booklet contains 22 text and picture clues that reveal a secret Whitstable location where the ‘treasure’ is located. The game will end when the correct location is submitted by email to The first person to provide the correct answer, in the manner described in these rules, will be awarded the prize.  

2. The prize for winning this treasure hunt is a gold-plated Victorian oyster brooch, plus a cash prize based on sales of the ‘The Golden Oyster’ clue booklet. All profits arising from the sale of the booklets will be awarded to the winning player. The game accounts will be kept carefully and monitored by a Whitstable councillor to ensure fair play. The prize value will be displayed at the website and updated regularly. In the event the prize is won by someone outside the UK the cash prize will be given in the winner’s local currency using the exchange rate

3. The Golden Oyster clue booklet provides all clues necessary to solve the puzzle, however, the game creator reserves the right to provide additional clues and information at her discretion. This additional information will be made available to all treasure hunters at the website.

4. The winner will be the first person to solve the clues and provide the correct location of the ‘treasure,’ in addition the winner must correctly outline the method for achieving the solution, to ensure fair play this method must match the secret method devised by the game creator. The answer must be sent to with the location of the ‘treasure’ in the subject header of the email, and the method outlined clearly in the body of the email. The winning solution will be judged by the game creator, and their decision is final. When the game is completed the official solution will be published on the site.

5. The prize in this treasure hunt has not been hidden or placed on public or private land. To claim the prize a Whitstable location must only to be submitted by email. To solve the treasure hunt or claim the prize there is no need to visit the town of Whitstable. (Though you should visit Whitstable one day, it’s a beautiful place!)

6. Participation in this game is open to anyone regardless of age or nationality, with the exception of the game creator and their immediate family. The game solution is known only to the game creator, however, a sealed copy of the solution is stored safely in case the game creator is unable to oversee the game.

7. The game may be ended early, at the game creator’s discretion, or due to unforeseen circumstances. In the unlikely event that the treasure hunt can not continue the prizes will be donated to charity.

8. In the event that the correct answer is not submitted within five years, the game creator reserves the right to end the game and donate the prizes to a charity of her choice. Players will be notified of any forthcoming end date on the website.

9. The price of the treasure hunt clue book may change, and the clues may become available in other published formats, but the integrity of the game and its unique solution method will always be maintained.

10. By purchasing a clue booklet and participating in this game the buyer acknowledges full acceptance of these rules and conditions.