There’s treasure to be found…

The Golden Oyster prize

Somewhere in the town of Whitstable a valuable golden oyster is hiding, and there’s a book of 22 picture clues revealing the treasure’s exact location.

The first person to solve the puzzles claims the prize. And it can be found without leaving your armchair. That means anyone can become a gold-hunting adventurer!

If you’ve never heard of Whitstable, you can explore the town using Google Maps or, better yet, download the amazing Google Earth. If you prefer to keep things simple, you can study a tourist map of the town.

The ‘treasure’ is a unique gold-plated oyster brooch, plus a cash prize based on the number of players involved in the game.

The game is a not-for-profit idea to entertain people during the coronavirus lockdown. The sale of each clue booklet creates the prize pool. The more people who play the bigger the prize – so please tell your friends!  

You can read more about the prize fund and the game rules here.

Chibi and Nemu star in the picture clues!

The 22 clues for the Golden Oyster treasure hunt are available in a printed booklet for £8 including UK delivery (international postage also available.) Each booklet sale adds around £5 to the prize fund, and I’ll update the prize amount on this page regularly.

PRIZE AT 01/06/2020: Golden Oyster plus £250


So, why not team up with family or friends to solve the puzzle together during the lockdown? If you want to chat about the clues with other treasure hunters the Mysterious Writings website has opened a forum section about the Golden Oyster, you can visit that by clicking here.

To find the treasure there’s no need to use a spade to dig it up, simply email with the treasure’s location. The instructions for submitting an answer are here.

The first correct answer wins the prize, good luck treasure hunters!